Personal Trainer Shares Tips for Getting Ripped


Personal Trainer Shares Diet and Workout Tips for Getting Ripped Fast

Diet is one of the key words when it comes to the fastest way to getting ripped. You need to lose fat without losing out on muscle. This poses a nutritional challenge. It is a proven fact that if you consume less calories that the body can burn you will automatically lose weight. Alternatively, if you eat more calories than your body can burn you will put on weight. So what is the answer?

How It Works

A quality website for bodybuilders will tell you that calorie intake is of prime importance. Once you have put on any fat, it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of it. So you have to be very selective on the calories you consume. That is what getting ripped fast is all about. It is a serious challenge and people who have been successful used the right method of eating. A daily meal should basically be put together as under:

  • Most importantly, how many calories
  • A macronutrient breakdown i.e. carbs, protein, and fat grams.
  • At what time of the day should the calories be eaten.

If you draw up a spread sheet it should contain the carbs, protein, and fat in every meal or snack. This is called a macronutrient breakdown. While it is OK to change the fat and carb quantities, it is strongly recommended that the protein content is kept high as it is helpful in controlling hunger. Creating a spreadsheet makes keeping track of the calories you consume, easier. Also once you reach the stage of getting ripped fast, you will no longer need to calorie count. Looking for a personal trainer may be a good idea.



Types of Food

When it comes to eating carbohydrates, this should be decided on a personal basis. It is an item that is variable and will depend on personal genetics. Some people can shed fat even if they are on a high carbohydrate diet, while others are able to keep hunger at bay eating a moderate carbohydrate. So a middle line has to be drawn. If eating too few carbohydrates makes you lose muscle, this should be avoided. So be cautious and eat just the right amount of carbs. Do not skip your meals. If you are not eating right you will find it much harder to reach your goals. The best way is to find out which foods will help you to build muscle.

Given below are two lists of carbs and lean proteins which should help in drawing up your diet:

Whole Grain/Starchy Carbs

Oatmeal ; Beans; Brown rice; Sweet potatoes; yams; multi grain cereal; white potatoes; wheat pasta whole;

Lean Proteins

Whey protein; turkey breast; salmon; trout; flank steak; bison.

Cardio Exercise

As mentioned above with regard to consuming carbohydrates, the amount of cardio exercise you do is also important. This is because your genetics will determine how much fat you lose when doing cardio exercises. While some people do not need cardio exercises at all to lose fat, others may need the same to help them reach the fastest way to getting ripped. HIIT cardio is an effective way of burning those extra calories and getting rid of body fat. Also, check out Dangerously Fit Personal Training.

Best Group Fitness in the Gold Coast

Enrolling at a group fitness Gold Coast camp is really a great way to attain fitness goals. In order to be considered fit, you have to bring your weight to normal levels, increase cardiovascular endurance and undergo resistance training. But before that, you have to find a Gold Coast group fitness camp that suits you and helps to enhance your physical fitness.

Most people try to attain fitness goals on their own by deriving information from hearsay and the media. However, this often becomes a futile attempt as achieving fitness calls for motivation, finesse and efforts in order to succeed. Here a personal fitness group Gold Coast trainer hired from a boot camp in Gold Coast could be of immense help but appointing one could be very expensive with hourly rates touching $100 to $150. Go to for more personal training prices.

However, you never need to worry since you have another practical alternative at your disposal. It is to join a camp imparting group fitness in Gold Coast. The camps have several fitness instructors and trainers who would channel your efforts for creating the best possible workout regime for you. However, prior to checking into such a camp, see whether it follows the below listed guidelines.

  1. Works in a collective environment for attaining fitness.
  2. Provides help from qualified instructors on complicated fitness techniques.
  3. Provides encouragement form your fellow group members and also from your instructors.
  4. Being able to perform group fitness activities.
  5. Your diet is kept under control at the camp.
  6. Your sleep and rest periods are synchronized for best results.
  7. Your fitness achievements including your weight, cardiovascular endurance and strength resistance are regularly measured so as determine your progress.
  8. At any time when you find the regime unsuitable for you, the trainer imparting group fitness at Gold Coast can make alternate arrangements for you to carry out that program without leaving it.
  9. As already mentioned, a group fitness camp is a much cheaper option than hiring a personal trainer. The monthly charges for such a camp should ideally range between $100 and $350.

Choose a fitness group Gold Coast program if you hate working out alone, which could often be quite boring. Besides, the group employs specialist fitness instructors who are experts in their chosen field. You never have to put up with a jack of all trades instructor who knows a little bit of everything and nothing in depth. However, choosing the best camp is the most vital part of all.


Three Reasons to Join Bondi Personal Trainer Pilates

    •  There are a lot of intense workout sessions in Bondi Personal Trainer Pilates. These workouts provide you with the dose of exercise that you require. Workouts will help you to lose weight and tone your body. This is will definitely make you look good thereby increasing your confidence levels. Your body flexibility is also increased and so are your immunity levels. These workouts will also help you to focus at work and sleep better at nights. So you get an overall health benefit by joining a Bondi Personal Trainer Pilates.

Bondi Personal Trainer Pilates

  •   The workouts in these Pilates classes keep varying and include a lot of fun-filled activities. You end up having lots of fun and being fit at the same time. So the monotony of a gym or dieting is not found in a fitness Bondi Personal Trainer Pilates.
  • Other than your physical and mental wellbeing, Bondi Personal Trainer Pilates also contributes to your social skills. You will come across like- minded people from different walks of life. You learn to interact with them and might even end up finding some good friends for life. Lot of the activities in these classes are team based. By participating in them, you improve your team work skills along with leadership and decision making abilities. There is also a healthy competition among team mates helping you to develop your sportsmanship. Your friends also provide you with the motivation to continue your workout regimes.


So do you want to have some quality fun and lose some weight? Do you want to look good and feel it too? Well, don’t think twice. Join a Bondi Personal Trainer Pilates and be surprised at the way it changes your life. For more info visit

How Personal Training Helps Reduce Stress

In today’s fast paced world with advancements in information and technology, an added factor that has entered our lives is stress. We all have to admit that stress has become an inseparable part of our lives. Not all stress is bad. To experience the best out of a person you ought to subject him to some stress, but overdose of anything even stress can harm lifestyle in a drastic manner.

Personal Training

Stress can be managed in very effective ways. Personal Training is one of them or you can say any of the many forms of exercise is a complete stress buster. A daily workout with a personal trainer should be a lifestyle not anything added to your to-do-list; else it becomes a stress too. Exercise can be done in many ways some are:

Team Games

Topping the list here is team games. We all love to be around family and friends and get all the social attention. Team games are the only way you can say bye-bye to your stress and also socialize. Arrange a team game with your friends, family or colleagues on a regular weekend say a basketball, soccer or cricket (three of many choices) and after the games you will feel a lot relieved.

Go to a Gym

Get those extra reps coming! If you are one of those competitive guys; it is always nice to break sweat with your fitness coach who has done his personal training courses. Training regularly at the gym will keep you fit and also in shape.


Aerobics are exercises like dancing, running, skating and spinning. These are high intensity exercises which release ample amount of endorphins, the very good feeling hormones. These high energy activities make you feel better physically and mentally.


A series of excellent moving and statutory postures performed with controlled breathing. Yoga can help you increase your body’s natural relaxation response. It is always better to get a professional that has the correct personal training courses for yoga who can guide you to all the correct postures and breathing techniques. The most important part in yoga is breathing and correctness of postures.


Having its root from the martial arts, Tai-Chi is an excellent choice for stress relief and studies have proved its health benefits of increasing bone density, lowering blood pressure and boosting immune system.

Above are some ways which helps you to but what does actually happen to you body when you workout:

Interactive body systems

When you are in a state of stress; your body systems (nervous, cardiovascular, muscular etc) needs to seamlessly interact with themselves. Exercise helps them to interact with each other in a more appropriate manner. You can say exercise is a practice session for all our body systems to interact with each other.


You must have heard a lot about endorphins when talking about stress. These are hormones released by our body which make us feel good. Regular dose of feeling good sounds nice. Regular workout can keep you feeling good about yourself which will make you feel more confident about yourself.

Human Interaction

Socializing is a necessity. We all need someone to talk and share our thoughts with. A personal trainer at the gym or teammates in a soccer game will always make you feel pleasant. Spending time with them will keep your stress away from you.

Better sleep

Remember the last time when you slept like a baby. Exercise will give you a better sleep and a better sleep means a better day in and out. Sleeplessness is another sign of anxiety or stress and exercising will keep you away from that.

Who doesn’t want to be stress free so keep working out and live stress free!

Personal Trainer Certification

As they say, health is wealth. What better way than to spend the rest of your life than being in tune with your body and helping others take care of their body as well. Personal trainers enjoy all the perks of having a healthy body and taking care of health minus the stress and emergencies that doctors can feel. Getting a personal trainer is life changing. Becoming a personal trainer is life changing as well!

Generally, a personal trainer is somebody who helps people exercise and this can include teaching clients how to properly use exercise equipment, helping clients to lose weight, helping clients gain more muscles etc. Personal trainers can help clients reach their fitness goals and give them emotional support along the way. Aside from being big motivators, these personal trainers will record the client’s progress and give a lot of feedback and insights. The personal trainer can easily detect what the mistakes and patterns of the client that hinders him/her from reaching those fitness goals are.

Commonly, personal trainers work in health clubs and fitness club. These centers require a personal trainer certification before one can be employed. There are some who are retained full time by some clients. People from ages 18 to 55 can hire personal trainers to help them with their fitness goals. There are trainers who do in-home training. They go to their client’s house as scheduled and help their clients with their health and fitness. Doing this will be fairly expensive on the trainer’s part and on the client’s part as well. Trainers need to travel from place to place and need liability insurance. Trainers also need to advertise themselves.

Personal trainers are not only found at gyms and health clubs, they can also work on cruise ships and at resorts. A growing trend in America today is to have corporate fitness packages. Personal trainers go to offices and do sessions during breaks. Now, that’s a great way to spend a lunch break instead of gossiping and stressing out. These freelance personal trainers usually started off working in health spas.

There are personal trainers who work for celebrities and other famous people, some of these trainers have their own books and videos. These trainers did not become like that in an instant, they had to undergo courses and get their personal trainer certification. Some of them even pursued higher studies and have an advance personal trainer certification. Some trainers end up in television programs like “The Biggest Loser.”

Trainers who made it “big” got their personal trainer certification and a lot of other courses to give them the edge in the industry. You need to get a certification so that you can properly call yourself a personal trainer. One cannot get a proper job as a trainer if you don’t have a certificate. Fitness clubs and facilities require their trainers to be certified.

To get certified, you can enroll in home study personal trainer classes, seminars or workshops. Try to enroll in classes or workshops that is universally recognized or nationally certified. You’ll learn basically the same things that personal trainers learn when they enroll in a more formal setting.

If you decide to get a certification, you’ll learn more about the field, you’ll know how to properly train clients and help them with their fitness goals. Not only that, it could help you establish yourself as a personal trainer because you’ll know the business side and turn personal training into a profitable profession. You can include the certification in your resume. When a personal trainer has a certification, it assures clients that the trainer is competent and knowledgeable about health and fitness. Clients would rather get personal trainers who have certificates.

Once you get your personal trainer certification, that is not the end of learning about health and fitness. You still need to go through continuing education hours and attend seminars. The more certifications you have, the more qualified you are. Not only that, its also better to select a specialty. Specialty training allows you to work with people who have special needs because of certain diseases or injuries while it also allows you to work with other groups of people. The more successful personal trainers specialize in one or two things.

Personal trainers find their job very lucrative as many people are having more health related problems. Many people are facing obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. Weight isn’t the only thing that personal trainers look into, they also try to check the overall lifestyle of their clients and try to change those unhealthy habits. As already said, personal trainers can provide motivation and inspiration for their clients and they do so by making an emotional connection and find out the root cause of their unhealthy habits. Even if you do not pursue the profession, you will still have all the benefits of knowing a lot about health and fitness.