Personal Trainer Certification

As they say, health is wealth. What better way than to spend the rest of your life than being in tune with your body and helping others take care of their body as well. Personal trainers enjoy all the perks of having a healthy body and taking care of health minus the stress and emergencies that doctors can feel. Getting a personal trainer is life changing. Becoming a personal trainer is life changing as well!

Generally, a personal trainer is somebody who helps people exercise and this can include teaching clients how to properly use exercise equipment, helping clients to lose weight, helping clients gain more muscles etc. Personal trainers can help clients reach their fitness goals and give them emotional support along the way. Aside from being big motivators, these personal trainers will record the client’s progress and give a lot of feedback and insights. The personal trainer can easily detect what the mistakes and patterns of the client that hinders him/her from reaching those fitness goals are.

Commonly, personal trainers work in health clubs and fitness club. These centers require a personal trainer certification before one can be employed. There are some who are retained full time by some clients. People from ages 18 to 55 can hire personal trainers to help them with their fitness goals. There are trainers who do in-home training. They go to their client’s house as scheduled and help their clients with their health and fitness. Doing this will be fairly expensive on the trainer’s part and on the client’s part as well. Trainers need to travel from place to place and need liability insurance. Trainers also need to advertise themselves.

Personal trainers are not only found at gyms and health clubs, they can also work on cruise ships and at resorts. A growing trend in America today is to have corporate fitness packages. Personal trainers go to offices and do sessions during breaks. Now, that’s a great way to spend a lunch break instead of gossiping and stressing out. These freelance personal trainers usually started off working in health spas.

There are personal trainers who work for celebrities and other famous people, some of these trainers have their own books and videos. These trainers did not become like that in an instant, they had to undergo courses and get their personal trainer certification. Some of them even pursued higher studies and have an advance personal trainer certification. Some trainers end up in television programs like “The Biggest Loser.”

Trainers who made it “big” got their personal trainer certification and a lot of other courses to give them the edge in the industry. You need to get a certification so that you can properly call yourself a personal trainer. One cannot get a proper job as a trainer if you don’t have a certificate. Fitness clubs and facilities require their trainers to be certified.

To get certified, you can enroll in home study personal trainer classes, seminars or workshops. Try to enroll in classes or workshops that is universally recognized or nationally certified. You’ll learn basically the same things that personal trainers learn when they enroll in a more formal setting.

If you decide to get a certification, you’ll learn more about the field, you’ll know how to properly train clients and help them with their fitness goals. Not only that, it could help you establish yourself as a personal trainer because you’ll know the business side and turn personal training into a profitable profession. You can include the certification in your resume. When a personal trainer has a certification, it assures clients that the trainer is competent and knowledgeable about health and fitness. Clients would rather get personal trainers who have certificates.

Once you get your personal trainer certification, that is not the end of learning about health and fitness. You still need to go through continuing education hours and attend seminars. The more certifications you have, the more qualified you are. Not only that, its also better to select a specialty. Specialty training allows you to work with people who have special needs because of certain diseases or injuries while it also allows you to work with other groups of people. The more successful personal trainers specialize in one or two things.

Personal trainers find their job very lucrative as many people are having more health related problems. Many people are facing obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. Weight isn’t the only thing that personal trainers look into, they also try to check the overall lifestyle of their clients and try to change those unhealthy habits. As already said, personal trainers can provide motivation and inspiration for their clients and they do so by making an emotional connection and find out the root cause of their unhealthy habits. Even if you do not pursue the profession, you will still have all the benefits of knowing a lot about health and fitness.