Personal Trainer Shares Tips for Getting Ripped


Personal Trainer Shares Diet and Workout Tips for Getting Ripped Fast

Diet is one of the key words when it comes to the fastest way to getting ripped. You need to lose fat without losing out on muscle. This poses a nutritional challenge. It is a proven fact that if you consume less calories that the body can burn you will automatically lose weight. Alternatively, if you eat more calories than your body can burn you will put on weight. So what is the answer?

How It Works

A quality website for bodybuilders will tell you that calorie intake is of prime importance. Once you have put on any fat, it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of it. So you have to be very selective on the calories you consume. That is what getting ripped fast is all about. It is a serious challenge and people who have been successful used the right method of eating. A daily meal should basically be put together as under:

  • Most importantly, how many calories
  • A macronutrient breakdown i.e. carbs, protein, and fat grams.
  • At what time of the day should the calories be eaten.

If you draw up a spread sheet it should contain the carbs, protein, and fat in every meal or snack. This is called a macronutrient breakdown. While it is OK to change the fat and carb quantities, it is strongly recommended that the protein content is kept high as it is helpful in controlling hunger. Creating a spreadsheet makes keeping track of the calories you consume, easier. Also once you reach the stage of getting ripped fast, you will no longer need to calorie count. Looking for a personal trainer may be a good idea.



Types of Food

When it comes to eating carbohydrates, this should be decided on a personal basis. It is an item that is variable and will depend on personal genetics. Some people can shed fat even if they are on a high carbohydrate diet, while others are able to keep hunger at bay eating a moderate carbohydrate. So a middle line has to be drawn. If eating too few carbohydrates makes you lose muscle, this should be avoided. So be cautious and eat just the right amount of carbs. Do not skip your meals. If you are not eating right you will find it much harder to reach your goals. The best way is to find out which foods will help you to build muscle.

Given below are two lists of carbs and lean proteins which should help in drawing up your diet:

Whole Grain/Starchy Carbs

Oatmeal ; Beans; Brown rice; Sweet potatoes; yams; multi grain cereal; white potatoes; wheat pasta whole;

Lean Proteins

Whey protein; turkey breast; salmon; trout; flank steak; bison.

Cardio Exercise

As mentioned above with regard to consuming carbohydrates, the amount of cardio exercise you do is also important. This is because your genetics will determine how much fat you lose when doing cardio exercises. While some people do not need cardio exercises at all to lose fat, others may need the same to help them reach the fastest way to getting ripped. HIIT cardio is an effective way of burning those extra calories and getting rid of body fat. Also, check out Dangerously Fit Personal Training.